This is a test!

I’ve never really written a blog but I do keep a diary. I’m guessing it is just like that…well except that I really shouldn’t share my dark little secrets. That kind of honesty might frighten some and I could get in trouble with some of you who are reading this.

# 1 Rule to Writing a Blog…Do Not share TMI for it might bite you in the tuchas!

So, here goes my first entry…

I curse a lot! So much, that when my 5 year old daughter tripped over her own feet, she responded with an enthusiastic, JESUS! Breaking our Savior’s name up into two distinct syllables and putting the emphasis on the SUS. My husband did not correct our daughter, instead he immediately turned to me as I tried to slink behind the sectional couch and accused me of tainting our child’s vocabulary.  He was right. It was my fault. She sounded just like me. My husband has his share of faults but I can honestly say cursing is not one of them.

Trying not to curse in front of my kids has been a challenge. For years I’ve tried to give myself incentives. For example, I told myself, if I don’t curse in front of the kids today, I can treat myself to a dark chocolate candy bar (Sea Salt Soiree by Ghirardelli). The treat was amazing, I just had to change the time frame. It went from not cursing a whole day, to a half day, to one hour and finally to after they went to bed.  It clearly was not working. I also tried creating a curse jar and every time a naughty word slipped out, I would have to pay a fine of 25 cents. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it sure added up quickly and it didn’t really deter me from actually cursing. The pathetic reality was, I was stealing from the jar to indulge my chocolate obsession. So it was actually counter productive.

My son recently suggested that I substitute friendly words for the naughty ones. Not only am I going to try it out while talking but also while I write.  In my diary, I use a lot of curse words but it probably wouldn’t be prudent to curse in this blog, just in case my kids decide to read it, I think it would still constitute cursing in front of them.

Stay tuned… I’ll let you know how I do this week.  It is going to be a tough week because we were out of school on Monday, January 18th for the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  The kids went to school on Tuesday and then all heck (notice I did not use hell) broke loose!  We had Snowmageddon 2016 in Georgia and school was cancelled Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My little cuties were hoping we would get that recorded message from the superintendent calling off school tomorrow.  We got the call alright, but only to remind us that we DID have school! Nobody was thrilled, including me. So we have to get our schedule groove back. Wish us luck…

Until next time…

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