Date with my Husband

I wanted to have a great date with my husband this afternoon. The sun was shining but the wind was blowing a little and I was cold.  I put a light jacket over my sweatshirt and t-shirt and we headed down the path.

I had never walked this trail but have been wanting to try it out…so why not on our monthly date. My husband and I alternate months to plan a date and also figure out childcare. January was my month and of course I waited until the last day of the month to execute the plan. My husband was already suspicious that I had not put much thought into it, but that was not exactly true. I know he is thrifty and lately he has been gently suggesting that I start exercising more so that I don’t have a heart attack or a stroke. So I thought, “hey hiking in our beautiful community would not only cost us nothing but it would get me/us out to exercise!”

I thought “leisurely short hike around the lake.”  Heck no…there were, what felt like a series of steep hills and it took us over an hour.  I found out when I got back to the car it was 3.16 miles. Great for my heart and my jiggles, but bad for my breathing and having meaningful conversations. All the blood that usually feeds my brain and helps me think and communicate was now feeding my leg muscles. Not only could I not think and talk but I had a difficult time breathing. So much for a meaningful date.

However, as I sit here on my heating pad and reflect on our date this afternoon, I have to say…it was nice. The sun was shining. I was outside. I actually warmed up and had to take off two layers. I was able to hold my husband’s hand and just be. This past week had been crazy busy and this coming week would be no different, so it was good to be silent and walking hand in hand with my love even if my breathing sounded like Darth Vader.

Have a great week!

Until next time…